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What does it mean to be passionate about music?

Since you’ve landed on this page, you must think that music is the food for the soul. You probably believe that when someone performs and you can feel their passion for the music, the experience is amazing. You might probably feel that music is one of your biggest strengths, has kept you alive through your toughest times and has given you something to believe in.

However the real questions you should ask yourself are these:

Do you have the desire to pursue a career in music?

Do you know what questions to ask, who to ask and where to start from?

There’s a lot of anxiety from bands & artists, who are afraid of working with someone who can help promote or manage them. However there are people in this cruel industry that want to make a difference. A good manager can mean a lot of things depending on what the artist’s goals are. The most important thing is that as an artist you must trust people that have your best interests in mind, believe in you and your music as much as you are. Keep always in mind that having a manager doesn’t mean that you have to stick together forever – it’s an investment, it’s your representation, your mentor.

All the above made us create One:Woman:Company.

Because we’ve been there.

We believe that musicians should be creating music – that’s their job. Someone else should handle the boring business part and show them how to navigate the scene.

One:Woman:Company was officially created back in 2018 by Ria Kalampali, admin, manager and mother of the band Poem (Prog. metal from Athens, GR). Through the years, we have worked with many bands and artists and we have offered management consulting to many more.

In the music industry, everything is about finding the right partners. Is all about setting the right strategies, is all about spreading your story to the world & building a community. So many bands and artists miss the storytelling element surrounding their albums and misunderstand social media – such a powerful communication tool.

We are here to help you perfect your game, identify your vision, change your mindset if necessary, get associated, know the people, know the scene – at the end of the day this is a creators -fans structure.

Stop using shortcuts.

Understand that you can do more than you believe you can. Now is the opportunity to care about all these stuff you have never cared before.

Here in One:Woman:Company, we consider ourselves children of the world. We believe that showing respect is a fundamental right of all mankind and this is what we’ll keep doing.

If you share our values, join us!

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